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Photonics ventures is a leading source of smart capital for entrepreneurs pushing the science and technology forward


Our mission is to deliver promising technologies from the earliest stages to successful commercial application – from concept to commerce.


Photonics ventures invest in visionary entrepreneurs and top technology teams and support companies who seek to transform the most important global industries by solving hard problems with technology solutions.


We are focusing on healthcare, industry, materials, energy and optics emerging technologies.








The technology of quantum communication allows you to exchange messages with protection from eavesdropping, guaranteed by the laws of fundamental physics. Information encoded into the quantum states of single photons.


The development of electrochromic window elements on the basis of an economical and efficient transparent electrode with an expanded color

special tool


Innovative M2M/V2I telematics solutions for global automotive aftermarket and insuranse industry.

The technology allows to provide entire diagnosis and ajustment servises via multiple OEM certified diagnosis solutions CAN_OVER_3G by setting up bridge bases diagnostics on demand



Compact electronic device for self-amde prompt, non-invasive diagnosis of a person's health status. Galvanometer, analyzing the electrical conductivity of human skin and based on predetermined aglorithms calculating the performance of internal organs.


INTEGRATED SOLUTION FOR DISPOSAL OF WASTES with the possibility of processing all types of solid municipal and industrial waste by means of a HIGH PRODUCTIVE REACTOR





SCPT the copmany that offers a high-precision pump to the world market.

Pump-dosers based on sapphire single crystal is an innovative invention for enterprises of all industries engaged in bottling and packaging of liquid, viscous and pasty substances.




Innovative multi band antennas based on anisotropic composite materials. Special anisotropic ferroelectric materials with high permittivity and structured clusters

are used as antenna body.



Development of early diagnosis of infectious bacteria with high resistance

to antibiotics.


Development of an innovative non-invasive glucometer. Non-invasive spectroscopic measurement of glucose

in blood, based on specially developed algorithms.

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Vitaliy Kuzminov

Evgeny Koluga

Fesenko Vladimir


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